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2 Core Short Depth Mellanox SN2000 Switch MSN2100-CB2F 100GbE 1U 16 QSFP28 Ports 2 AC PSUs X86

2 Core Short Depth Mellanox SN2000 Switch MSN2100-CB2F 100GbE 1U 16 QSFP28 Ports 2 AC PSUs X86

Short Depth mellanox sn2000

100GbE mellanox sn2000

Mellanox MSN2100-CB2F

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Product Details
16 QSFP28 Ports
Transmission Rate:
LACP, Stackable, VLAN Support
Communication Mode:
Full-Duplex & Half-Duplex
Switch Capacity:
System Weight:
System Dimensions:
43.9mm X 200mm X 508mm
Rack Mount:
1U Rack Mount
Products Status:
1 Year
Product Description

Spectrum based 100GbE, 1U Open Ethernet Switch with NVIDIA Onyx (MLNX-OS), 16 QSFP28 ports


SN2000 Platforms
SN2000 series platforms are powered by the Spectrum ASIC and available in 4 configurations. Each delivers high performance combined with feature-rich layer 2 and layer 3 forwarding—ideal for both top-of-rack leaf and fixed configuration spines. Superior hardware capabilities including dynamic flexible shared buffers and predictable wire speed performance with no packet loss for any packet size. While the SN2000 Ethernet switch series is aimed for the 25/50/100GbE market, NVIDIA offers similar systems for the 10/40GbE market: SN2000B switches are priced comfortably for the 10/40 GbE market and provide the superior feature set of NVIDIA Spectrum. The SN2000 series are standards compliant and fully interoperable with third party systems.


The SN2100 carries a unique design to accommodate the highest rack performance.Its design allows side-by-side placement of two switches in a single 1RU slot of a 19” rack, delivering high availability to the hosts. The SN2100 accommodates 16 ports running at 100GbE, with throughput of 1.6Tb/s and a 2.38Bpps processing capacity.


Linux Switch enables users to natively install and use any standard Linux distribution  as the switch operating system, such as DENT, a Linux-based networking OS stack that  is suitable for campus and remote networking. Linux Switch is based on a Linux kernel driver model for Ethernet switches (Switchdev). It breaks the dependency of using vendor specific, closed-source software development kits. The open-source Linux driver is developed and maintained in the Linux kernel, replacing proprietary APIs with standard Linux kernel interfaces to control the switch hardware. This allows off-the-shelf Linux based networking applications to operate on NVIDIA Spectrum-based switches for L2 switching and L3 routing, including open source routing protocol stacks, such as FRR (Quagga), Bird and XORP, OpenFlow applications, or user-specific implementations.
Visibility Performance Agility
telemetry dramatically reduces mean
time to issue resolution by providing
answers to: When, What, Who, Where
and Why
> Hardware-accelerated histograms track
and summarize queue depths at sub-
microsecond granularity
> Inband Network Telemetry (INT)-
ready hardware
> Streaming Telemetry
> Up to 256K shared forwarding entries
> Fully shared packet buffer provides
a fair, predictable and high bandwidth
data path
> Consistent and low cut-through latency
> Intelligent hardware-accelerated data
movement, congestion management and
load balancing for RoCE and Machine
learning applications that leverage
> Best-in-class VXLAN scale—6X more
tunnels and tunnel endpoints
> Comprehensive Layer-2, Layer-3
and RoCE
> Advanced network virtualization with
high performance single pass VXLAN
routing and IPv6 segment routing
> Programmable pipeline
> Deep Packet Inspection – 512B deep




Industry-leading switch platform in performance, power, and density

Designed for energy and cost savings

Collective communication acceleration

Quick and easy setup and management

Maximizes performance by removing fabric congestions

Backward compatible to FDR technology

 2 Core Short Depth Mellanox SN2000 Switch MSN2100-CB2F 100GbE 1U 16 QSFP28 Ports 2 AC PSUs X86 0



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